Comming Updates

What can you expect in the future

When the idea of the website first came to me I did not think of going very big, as the development of such sites take quite some time, but as time passed I found myself adding more and more sections and with every passing week new ideas jumped up. On the downside, I ended up with a rather big site, but it was not built dynamically enough to fulfil the new long term goal that is set out.
Luckily by now all of my ideas are on the big whiteboard. This will however mean that I'll have to rewrite much of the existing code so that we can achieve the end goal of creating one big community.

Updates you can expect in the next version :
  • Hybrid orchids added to Basic Orchid Index
  • Additional genera added to Basic Orchid Index
  • A user portal where you can create a profile
    *The user portal will be expanded on with every release and become the main feature of the site in future.
  • Some styling upgrades