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A little about myself and the site

Firstly, I'd like to thank you just for clicking the link. This means that you appreciate the effort I have put in to this website and I sincerely hope that I could help or even inspire you to excel in this amazing passion we share.
My main goal in creating this site is to help South African's new, to what they might experience as a hobby at first, to create one massive community and to try and reach the younger generation.
As previously mentioned, the running costs of the site is a lot, the time it takes to develop it is mind boggling and lets not even get to the time it takes to do all the research so that I can bring you the best advise possible. Like many other sites made from site builders, this baby is hand coded by myself, because I simply don't know where it will end and I don't want to be limited.
With that said, small donations go so far in ensuring that I can buy more expencive licensed technologies from a styling perspective to improve your expensive and it keeps me motivated to bring you both regular updates (be sure to have a look at the Coming Updates link) to the site and updated information.

For security purposes please enter your email address below and click the Buy me Coffee button to receive an auto response email with AwkwardOrchids banking details. Thank you again!